Our goal is to promote a positive image of the nursing mother and to encourage the beautiful and life-giving expression of the nurturing act with mothers everywhere. We wish to bring the mother to a place of honor and empowerment.

We are asking for artists to create images of nursing mothers that can then be painted on sitting benches we have installed in different locations throughout the city of Los Angeles.

If you would like to help us create this vision we would love for you to submit up to 3 images that could be painted onto one of our nurture benches.
The bench dimensions are approximately 5 feet long with the back bench face 23 inches and seat 21 inches.

The images should depict the deep loving connection between a mother and her baby while breastfeeding. Image does not have to be limited to this nursing duo but may also include other nurturing individuals.

If your image has been chosen for our final selection, you will receive $100 in payment for your preliminary work. We will retain your image with plans for follow through once a bench has been established.
When your art for a particular bench has been confirmed, we will reimburse the artist with a range starting at $500 +materials. Half of the payment to be received up front and the rest to follow upon completion. Benches should be completed within a 2 w-3 week timeframe. Please keep in mind that we are a non-profit, and that we are dependent upon donations for our funding.

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