A Film About Breastfeeding in the USA

"a powerful story about how we live, love & take care of our children"

- Tina Cardarelli, BS IBCLC, State Breastfeeding Coordinator, Indiana Breastfeeding Coalition

This film uncovers why breastfeeding in the USA seems taboo, is unsupported and can be so difficult

"It brings to light the barriers that new mothers encounter"

- Virginia Bernal, retired RN, IBCLC, UC Medical Center, Irvine

Follow The Milky Way on a journey to Western Countries that support mothers, babies, breastfeeding, and the family


Learn the science behind breastfeeding and discover how mothers can trust their babies, their bodies and themselves


"an incredible, impassioned, must-see documentary"

- Halle Berry

Available in 8 languages, cc captioned, and in 137 countries.

Educational: For Libraries, Universities, K-12 Schools, Public Libraries, Community Groups, Colleges, Businesses, Other Institutions:

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